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Organic Fresh Ginger Roots Snow Hill Himalayan Ginger Roots – Product of Mt. Everest Country, Nepal | If Need Fresh Batch, Choose Seller Ship – We…

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  • GREAT SOURCE OF ORGANIC & NATURAL TEST OF HIMALAYAS: Snow Hill Organic ginger Grew at Snow land (High Altitude) is not as big as non organic. It is grown naturally without any inhibitor. We don’t use Chemical or Fertilizers just Compost animal Manors. Bytheway, Fertilizers cost more than the product cost at Solukhumbu.
  • Source of origin: Snow Hill Organic Ginger is hand harvested in the remote tropical mountains near Solukhumbu, Nepal in a small farm and we Imports directly using Air Cargo all of our Groceries By weekely to Preserve it’s purity and freshness.
  • We match Net Weight: We match Net Weight While Packed – Fresh moisture whool Roots may lose the weight “watery part of Ginger” while delivered to you.
  • Ginger should only be left on the counter when it’s whole and unpeeled. In a cool and dry spot, it’ll last about a week or 2 before it starts to go bad. When refrigerated in a dry, sealable bag with the air squeezed out, unpeeled ginger will last a month; peeled or grated ginger, however, will only last two to three weeks
  • Should I store my ginger in the fridge? Frist Option: – Put ginger in a mason jar, fill it up with water and refrigerate. Make sure to change water once a week. This way it last for a long time.
  • Second Option:- Wash, chop, grinder grind organic ginger root adding some water and refrigerate the paste in a zaar. It lasts a very long time and can use in smoothies, tea or cooking very easily.
  • Should I Grow my Own Ginger? – Many Customers give us 1 Star saying it Couldn’t grew well hence we never said that Snow Hill Ginger for planting purpose – If you wish than “Good luck”, to plant on your own risk – To grow ginger, let them sprout first. Growing depends of soil types and the temperature – Early spring is the best time to plant your ginger.
  • RECEIVED DRIED: No Worry! Soke it completely in a water for 10-12 Hours than peeled and grind to refrigirate in to container.
  • MORE ORGANIC: Please check with “Snow Hill” Brand name for Yak Cheese Bone Dog Chews, Garlic, Red Pearl Onion, Hemp Seeds, Bay Leaf, Turmeric, Hot Chilly Powder, Cardamom, Green Leaf tea, Yak Cheese Nuts for Human, Pickles, Titaura, Vegitable Balls/Maseura.
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5 reviews for Organic Fresh Ginger Roots Snow Hill Himalayan Ginger Roots – Product of Mt. Everest Country, Nepal | If Need Fresh Batch, Choose Seller Ship – We…
  • 1 out of 5

    It came all dried up and had mold on it, and I can’t even return it, everything is going garbage..Don’t buy!!!

  • 5 out of 5

    Just as advertised and in perfect condition. Very nicely wrapped and fresh.

  • 5 out of 5

    but I don’t know much about this stuff.

  • 1 out of 5

    it looks stale, there is mold

  • 5 out of 5

    I use daily in drinks, etc

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