Aroy-D 100 Milk 8.5 Oz, Coconut, 1 Count, (Pack of 6) (Ven_FD39-193)

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  • Milk 8.5 Oz , Coconut, 1 Count, (Pack of 6)
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8 reviews for Aroy-D 100 Milk 8.5 Oz, Coconut, 1 Count, (Pack of 6) (Ven_FD39-193)
  • 5 out of 5

    I like this product it taste creamy like coconut creamy but this one on my order says it’s not 100% milk and I ordered 100% milk without the preservative but that’s not what I got. I got what’s in that picture instead 99%. I just wanted to try the hundred percent milk just to see what it was.

  • 5 out of 5

    This product lists expiration date in day/month/year format. 1/8/2024 is August 1, 2024.

    This product has always been very smooth and creamy, unlike any pure coconut milk I have ever used. It is not magic. I’ve always known they were using an emulsifier. Because it has such a vibrant coconut taste, I assumed it was not a gum. Not happy about polysorbate 60, but the amount is trace, and I haven’t suffered any GI effects so it is still on my menu. Haven’t found any product that tastes as good.

  • 5 out of 5

    Its the best I have tried and I have tried many including powdered.
    Mainly use as a coffee creamer.

  • 5 out of 5

    Yes it’s chunky cause that’s what coconut is like in its natural form. For people complaining about the look or texture, you would be more suited to buy the crap with gums in it to look like actual milk. This product is pure and I love it in my coffee and tea!

  • 5 out of 5

    I’m so glad I came across this while looking for multipacks of the So Delicious culinary coconut cream. This stuff is thinner than that, but its only ingredients are coconut and water, no gum added, which means you have to shake it and shake it and shake it, but it’s also almost certainly easier to digest.
    1000 ml is just over a quart, so you need to do a few things once you’ve opened the carton. It makes sense to me to get it all very well homogenized and then pour into two pint jars plus some change. I have an old gas stove which is always warm because of the pilot, and I leave the carton on there for quite a while before shake-shake-shaking and opening it. If I still lived in a cold climate, I’d probably put the carton in a warm water bath, and then dump all the contents into a saucepan or quart-sized measuring cup and stir together really well before decanting into jars.
    It says only good for two days once opened, and I freeze one of the jars (don’t fill all the way, and don’t screw down tight, put in freezer upright 🙂 ) . That said, I’ve had it in the fridge for several days with no spoilage, and if I did think it was going to spoil I’d add some probiotic powder and let it become a yogurt-like thing.
    For reasons I haven’t quite figure out yet, I’ve had it come out of the freezer and thaw right back to a good smooth texture, and I’ve had it thaw to a grainy texture that needed blending.
    The carton is a little flimsy (another reason it’s worth decanting right away) and the six cartons arrived mummified in saran wrap 🙂
    Coconut is my mainstay, and this is delicious and convenient. And affordable. Subscribe and save, please!

    Edited to add: I was curious about the perishability disclaimer, so I tried _not_ freezing my second pint jar and just putting it in the coldest part of the fridge. And it hasn’t spoiled whatsoever.
    In the meantime, though, I also purchased the coconut cream 

    AROY-D 100% PURE Coconut Cream, 33.8 Oz package (3-pack)

    It’s only available in 3-pack, but it’s about the same price and thus better value for money because less water/more coconut. And oh it is so good.
    This product (the milk) is just a little thicker than the coconut milk in cartons at the store; the coconut cream is more comparable to the canned coconut milk in terms of thickness. If you want the convenience of pourable milk, or milk that can be quickly made pourable, this is what you need. If you want the creamier stuff that thickens up in the fridge and will need a bit more work to make pourable, and/or if it’s your staple food (as for me), the cream may be better for you.

  • 1 out of 5

    I have been buying this product from Amazon for a number of years and very consistently. Recently, the coconut milk I have received has been thick and clumpy, but this most recent order was spoiled, and I was told it’s not returnable or replaceable. It should have a liquid consistency and is creamy and good usually. I understand that with food items they can’t be returned, but there should be an option to remedy this when it arrives spoiled.

  • 5 out of 5

    The product is very good, that is why I purchase from Amazon, but recently, the last 3 orders I placed, the product was expired. I always buy it from Amazon because I can’t find it in my area. I will buy it again, but the product needs to be check for expiration dates.

  • 4 out of 5

    Very creamy, high fat, good flavor, no additives. My first pack arrived damaged and leaky.

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