Salmon Atlantic Farm Raised Portion, 6 Ounce

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  • Responsibly Farmed or sustainable wild-caught
  • Certain preservatives prohibited, including sodium bisulfite and STPP
  • Traceable to farm or fishery
  • No antibiotics, added hormones or land-animal products in feed
  • Raised in carefully monitored, low-density pens and tanks without synthetic pesticides
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8.2 x 4.6 x 1.8 inches, 6.08 ounces





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8 reviews for Salmon Atlantic Farm Raised Portion, 6 Ounce
  • 4 out of 5

    For dinner!

  • 5 out of 5

    Always fresh salmon with Whole Foods, that’s why I buy from them!

  • 5 out of 5

    I’m making the Salmon and Cherries recipe for my two son’s. After picking up order, I realized I had to go inside and purchase more!

  • 5 out of 5

    I ordered this for pickup from the Glendale, CA location. We received excellent cuts and it was super fresh with zero fish smell. I accidentally bought double in the app 8 pieces for 2 teenagers and 2 adults and just went ahead and cooked all of them. I have 2 filets left. My kids pushed the cheesy mashed potatoes aside for a second helping of the salmon.

    To prepare I put a drizzle of olive oil on my stove top grill, generously seasoned both sides with Green Goddess seasoning from Trader Joe’s and kept it very slightly pink in the middle. 10/10

  • 5 out of 5

    Fresh..delish..and healthy

  • 5 out of 5

    I love this salmon! Seasoned with just salt & pepper then pan-seared it on one side for 7-8 minutes undisturbed – turned out perfect! Will definitely repurchase.

  • 5 out of 5

    I absolutely love this salmon! I’ve tried all of the other types of salmon which are all good but the Atlantic salmon and the Copper River salmon are my faves! The size of this piece is a tiny bit more than I would order if I were shopping in person but since it’s the most reasonable size option available in the catalog for online shopping, I always choose this particular cut. I steam it in the oven and the result is so delicious, tender and juicy!

  • 3 out of 5

    I order this from Whole Foods delivery a lot, but many times it smells and tastes bad, so I am not thirlled with it and have to use a lot of salt and spcies to make it more edible. Portions can be stingy and a bad cut (end piece)

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