Singapore Street Food, Fire-Grilled Pork Jerky (Original Flavor 12oz) *Grilled Fresh to Your Order *Shipped the Same Day – L.A. Times “Handmade…

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  • Singapore-style fire-grilled jerky (aka Bak Kwa) is a popular street snack and the most popular jerky in the Asia Pacific. Originating in Singapore, it started being sold by Singapore hawkers almost a century (100 years) ago. Today, there are no less than 1,000 such specialty stores and roadside vendors across Asia Pacific countries. According to U.S. Customs, it’s the most smuggled meat snack by returning American travelers visiting Asia Pacific, and the most confiscated meat product.
  • Fragrant Jerky’s original flavor pork jerky has a light sweet taste, semi-dried texture, light glazed, and natural smoky BBQ flavor from the fire grilling process.
  • Directions for use: For that fragrant BBQ aroma and fresh-off-the-grill taste, heat meat until lukewarm in a microwave for 10-30 seconds.
  • Fragrant Jerky was voted three times Los Angeles Times’ “Handmade Gift” and Food Category winner.
  • Since 2012, Fragrant Jerky products have been produced at our USDA-inspected facilities in Los Angeles. Daily production is supervised by our third-generation Singapore Bak Kwa maker.
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8 reviews for Singapore Street Food, Fire-Grilled Pork Jerky (Original Flavor 12oz) *Grilled Fresh to Your Order *Shipped the Same Day – L.A. Times “Handmade…
  • 5 out of 5

    This is one of the best pork jerky that I had, including Hsin Tung Yang / 新東陽 brand. It is quite expensive but whether it is worth it or not varies from person to person. I’ll be buying more of them maybe twice a year and serve as a special treat.

  • 1 out of 5

    I have never written a negative or bad review and this is my first. This is definitely not the type of authentic bah gua that you are expecting for the following reasons: 1.) the thickness- this is rather a very thick and barely chewable piece of meat. This is more like America type of jerky, which is dried an harder. If you are craving for some authentic Malaysian / Singaporean style jerky, this is not the type you are looking for 2.) Taste- this is a very bland and lack of fire grilled flavor. Further I can taste expired oil within the meat (that’s not pleasant at all) 3.) expensive- I get the idea that this is made to order, but this price for only 4 piece of meats in a package, that’s rather expensive.

  • 3 out of 5

    Way too salty

  • 4 out of 5

    Having been to HK and China recently, I discovered Bee Cheng Jiang which is the platinum standard for jerky – on a world class level. They even have their own store, with long lines in the TST location. Tip – go early in the morning, no lines. Or buy in Shenzhen or Guangzhou – may be cheaper too. I understand the stores may be franchises or company-owned. The China ones were boasting how they are the true BCJ.

    Enough of Bee Cheng – back to this product’s review. I was so happy to see ratings matching the BCJ’s version that I ordered asap on amazon, not paying attention that it was pork, when I really wanted the beef version. Nevertheless I was happy to try it.

    The pork version all have a different smell profile – it’s definitely got that pork smell. The original is the dry American-like jerky but yet soft enough to tear and eat. The American jerkies tend to be like cardboard, but not here. Much better here.

    The Tender Pork is much closer to Bee Cheng’s version – a honey-sticky and extra tasty. The last sample pack was for Bacon. It’s got the visible fat of bacon, which I normally like as a hot item for breakfast, but not for me. Still it was easily removable, and the bacon version was acceptable.

    Overall, if you are a pork lover, you will like this version. I’ve ordered the beef jerky version, and anxiously awaiting for it this week.

  • 5 out of 5

    Taste like Malaysia’s bak gua. 5 stars for the taste.
    But too expensive.

  • 5 out of 5

    This stuff is delicious and the pork especially is just like the that from Singapore

  • 5 out of 5

    I love eating this jerky. I grew up eating this food.

  • 5 out of 5

    I miss eating the pork Jerky from Singapore. This is so good. I wish it was just cut into smaller pieces so I’ll be easier to eat.

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